Our Mission


Why is TGEink important?

As President Obama said this year when speaking at the annual White House Correspondent's dinner:

"At home and abroad journalists like all of you engage in the dogged pursuit of informing citizens and holding leaders accountable... And I realize it’s an enormous challenge at a time when the economics of the business sometimes incentivizes speed over depth, and when controversy and conflict are what most immediately attract readers and viewers.

"[T]he only way we can build consensus, the only way that we can move forward as a country, the only way we can help the world mend itself is by agreeing on a baseline of facts when it comes to the challenges that confront us all."

At TGEink, the magazine of The Green Economy, we are telling stories about transformation from an inefficient, resource guzzling economy to one that is respectful of all resources – including people. These stories are ongoing as technology, finance and policy evolves to meet the future. Without real information, people cannot make informed decisions about their own or our futures.

We follow the latest trends that are reshaping our future, such as:

  • Appalachia: the model for a new economy. 
    We owe a deep debt of gratitude to the miners of Appalachia, who gave their hard work and dedication providing the coal that fueled our 20th century prosperity. In the transition to a lower carbon economy, we must understand and support the efforts of those companies and agencies working with communities to bring about transformation. It is a story with solutions for us all.
  • The New Investors
    Investors are hungry for investments with a positive social impact, but also with profit aligned with potential returns from other opportunities. The unique characteristics of impact and infrastructure investments have lead many, from banks to private equity, to shy away. By following those who are supporting new asset classes, we help those new to the market to discover pathways to manage technology and finance risk. 
  • Water: the Good and the Bad
    Water is our best friend and one of our most dangerous enemies. New technologies, financing and partnerships are cleaning water, protecting our water infrastructure, developing efficient water management in agriculture and industry, and making us more resilient in the face of changing climate. These industries are rife with new jobs, new ideas, and innovation that we build at home and export abroad.
  • The New Buildings are the Old Buildings. 
    Companies are upgrading existing facilities and tenants are paying more for eco-friendly, energy efficient offices. While cost savings is a large part of the decision, improved employee health and retention, community respect and corporate sustainability objectives play an important part. The key to success is a journey from objectives to design, financing, construction and maintenance. These stories help others plot a save path from day 1 to the finish.