Who's Commuting and How Long?

The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute completed a new report on commuting.

The aim of this study was to provide a broad overview of commuting by workers 16 years of age and older in the 30 largest U.S. cities, by highlighting the following aspects of commuting: who, how, how time consuming, and when. Below are the cities that were found to be on either extreme on several of the aspects examined:

  • Median age: 34.4 years in Boston, 41.7 years in Louisville
  • Males: 45.9% in Detroit, 56.2% in Houston
  • No vehicle available: 1.8% in Fort Worth and San Jose, 46.0% in New York
  • Working at home: 2.1% in Memphis, 7.1% in Austin and Portland
  • Driving alone to work: 21.4% in New York, 82.9 in Louisville
  • Carpooling to work: 4.9% in New York, 12.4% in Memphis
  • Using public transportation to work: 0.7% in Oklahoma City, 56.7% in New York
  • Walking to work: 1.2% in Fort Worth, 14.5% in Boston
  • Bicycling to work: 0.1% in El Paso, 5.9% in Portland
  • Mean travel time to work: 20.7 minutes in Oklahoma City, 39.7 minutes in New York
  • Leaving for work between 5:00 am and 8:59 am: 59.8% in Detroit and Las Vegas, 73.5% in Jacksonville

For the full report, please contact Michael Sivak or download the abstract.