Tracing Renewable Energy

Lighting and Renewable Energy

Philips Lighting pioneer in tracing renewable energy consumption

Through collaboration with ECOHZ, Philips Lighting has announced the purchase of traceable renewable electricity from a solar park in Dubai. In doing so, Philips Lighting has become the first major international company to secure its renewable energy consumption in the Gulf region using the International REC Standard. I-REC is a global standard for documenting renewable energy consumption used in regions where no similar documentation scheme exists.

tom lindberg“Currently, around 1% of electricity in the Gulf region is generated from renewable sources. Looking at the great interest in renewable energy from multinationals operating in the region, this is not enough. Philips Lighting is taking a bold first mover step and is a great example of how corporate action can show this demand for traceable, credible renewable electricity,” says Tom Lindberg, Managing Director at ECOHZ.

As renewable energy becomes more integrated into the newer and greener economy, Philips Lighting will be a leader in raising demand for renewable energies in the Gulf region. ECOHZ's Tom Lindberg alluded to the powerful effect corporate action can have on energy trends.  By taking corporate action, Philips Lighting is showing a demand for renewable energy in that region and may act as a flagship for similar corporations to get involved.