Resource Efficiency Drives Returns

Investments into Resource Smart Companies Pays Off

Osmosis Investment Management is a London investment group that is promoting investment into companies that use less carbon, water, and other natural resources than other companies in their fields. One fund they created is a low volatility investment fund, which means there is less financial risk involved in investment. They predict grown at 2% per year over while at the same time delivering reductions on the ownership of carbon, water and waste relative to similar industries in excess of 70%.

Starting as a small company, they now service millions of dollar within multiple investment strategies. The growth that the group has seen shows that sustainable businesses could be a good bet for investors. Ben Dear, Founder Partner of Osmosis Investment Management, explains how more resource efficient businesses are economically successful, especially now:

“This fund launch comes at a momentous yet opportune time in the political landscape.

With America abdicating its responsibility as a leader in the fight against climate change through their withdrawal from the Paris accord, many people have questioned the short and medium term view on the merits of investing in sustainable investment strategies. Our answer is simple and has remained constant. The economics of the opportunity will win over the political discourse.

Resource Efficiency is an economic imperative – using less to create more. Monetising sustainability to the balance sheet is about the economic and environmental return. The two are not mutually exclusive. This has been reaffirmed by the current and growing list of 1,200 companies and organizations in North America who have come out in independent support of the Paris agreement. Economic rationale will always trump politics.”

About Osmosis Investment Management

Osmosis launched in 2009, and is a sustainable investment manager that is headquartered in London.
They serve sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, endowments, banks, insurance companies and foundations across North America and Europe.