Keeping Up With Energy Technology

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Keeping Up With Energy Technology

Maintaining up-to-date technology and operating that technology efficiently is a distraction and expense that companies can outright avoid by investing in SparkFund's services.  SparkFund provides companies with the opportunity to improve their building's energy efficiency, while also reducing energy costs.  By transferring their energy procurement responsibilities to SparkFund, a company is able to focus more on other things that really matter to their bottom line. 

SparkFund Technology Subscription

SparkFund recently launched their new brand and SparkFund Technology Subscription. The old way of procuring cutting edge technology is expensive, complex, and can distract companies from their mission.  With the release of SparkFund's new subscription system, companies are now able to easily shift their energy technology demands to a third party.  For example, a company would be able to shift their lighting operations to SparkFund, and completely remove that cost from the building's balance sheet.  This allows companies to focus on other areas, besides energy efficiency, that are important to the company's profits.

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About SparkFund

SparkFund is a financial technology company that brings organizations a new, simpler way to access energy efficient products and services. They are based out of Washington, DC and they partner with contractors, ESCOs, manufacturers, utilities, and retail energy providers to offer lighting and other smart, interconnected technologies "As-a-Service". In doing so, SparkFund is driving the adoption of energy efficiency in commercial spaces with all-inclusive energy solutions that customers can easily sign up for and understand.