Iroquois Valley Farms Closes on 25th Farm

Iroquois Farms succeeds by developing relationships with farmers first, not the land.  

Finding mostly young and organic farmers who want to start or grow their sustainable farm business, the company only moves to purchase if they have a ready, willing and able farm tenant in hand.

In April they closed on the Earlville Farm, the 2nd dairy farm in New York and 25th overall. Kevin Egolf was approached over a year ago by the prospective farm tenant and Tom Perry, CEO, has been working to finalize the purchase. The 175 acre farm is located in Madison County, about an hour southeast of Syracuse and the same south of Oneida Lake, the largest lake entirely within New York. The area has deep roots to the native Iroquoian people, so the company is honored to connect to this history and culture. 

The new farm family (and about 60 Ayrshire cows) have successfully relocated from the Buffalo area and are already producing organic milk for sale to Upstate Niagara Cooperative, an entity owned by 360 farm families in western New York. Upstate Niagara supplies various retailers, including organic dairy products for Wegmans. This is our fifth farm primarily supporting organic milk production with other locations in Indiana, West Virginia, and Maine. As noted below, our dairy/pasture/hay component accounts for about 26% of total acres. 

Farmers are now deep into planting season and grain farmers are  preparing the soil to seed a new crop. Just as the farmers are committing to a new harvest year, Iroquois Valley Farms is planning to setting our first record date (June 30) for a harvest distribution. Nature doesn't provide many guarantees and we won't either but sometime this fall our Board will meet to decide on a distribution to members of record.  

About Iroquois Valley Farms

All of our 25 farms are either certified organic or in transition thereto. Our tenants want more land to feed a more healthy world.  Land access notes and equity securities are now being offered by the company under our 2015 Private Placement Memorandum. Recently the Board of Managers approved June 30 as the record date for 2015 distributions. 

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