Energy Action Month Key Messages

Energy Action Month Key Messages

In support of Energy Action Month throughout the month of October, Army and Office of Energy Initiatives (OEI) representatives are meeting with leaders across the federal agencies where they will discuss how important reducing energy consumption is for their organizations. 

President of the United States, Barack Obama 

“[O]ur best opportunities to enhance our energy security can be found in our own backyard -- because we boast one critical, renewable resource that the rest of the world can’t match: American ingenuity… To make ourselves more secure, to control our energy future, we’re going to have to harness all of that ingenuity. It’s a task we won’t be finished with by the end of my presidency, or even by the end of the next presidency. But if we continue the work that we’ve already begun over the last two years, we won’t just spark new jobs, industries and innovations -- we will leave your generation and future generations with a country that is safer, that is healthier, and that’s more prosperous.”

Secretary of State, John Kerry 

“[N]o matter what country you live in, the cost of investing in clean energy now is far cheaper than paying for the consequences of climate change later. And it’s because of this that nations around the world are now setting their own ambitious emissions-target reductions. Countries are now working to turn those pledges into real, on-the-ground action and concrete projects, and foster new directions for economic growth in a low-carbon future. And as we work together to achieve our targets, those betting on renewable energy are going to win big.”  

Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment, Hon. Katherine Hammack 

“Energy is key to everything the Army does. Energy supply shortfalls and power distribution failures, whether caused by acts of man or acts of nature, represent a strategic vulnerability – they increase the risk to our missions. The Army must have confidence that we can accomplish our mission in a world defined by uncertain, adverse, and dynamic conditions.”

Secretary of the Army, Eric Fanning 

“I’m committing to a doubling of the amount of CHP produced by the Army in the next two years, and to triple it in four years. That means we will add 50 megawatts per year through CHP projects, which is more than what the Army has added in the past 10 years combined.”

Executive Director of Army Office of Energy Initiatives, Michael McGhee 

“We ask our Soldiers to be the first to the fight; to respond to international crises and disasters here at home, protecting and establishing order and performing their mission of defending and safeguarding the freedoms and liberties of the United States and its citizens. To perform these missions our Soldiers rely upon their installations as power projection platforms. Our Soldiers must know they can rely on these installations for reach back support, for staging and training operations, and that while they are deployed or responding to missions that their families are safe. Our installations must be secure, and that includes access to secure sources of energy.”

Energy savings and reducing energy consumption are vital across the federal government and within the Army. Here at the OEI we are proud to help move the Army forward on large-scale renewable energy projects that continue to prove to be good for the Army, good for small and large businesses, and good for local communities.